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Jubilee Park Academy's current whole school attendance is 94.5%.  Come on parents and carers we need you to help your children be attendance HERO's (Here Everyday Ready and On Time).

Jubilee Park Academy is a lively, exciting place of learning and has

a growing reputation within the local and educational community.


At Jubilee Park we work hard to raise our children's aspirations and also value the individual achievements of each child.


 All of our staff are dedicated and are passionate about raising standards and improving the life chances of our children. We value each and every member of our school community, treating each other with respect and encouraging all of our staff and children to 'Reach for the Stars!'

Reach, for
the stars

We believe that this mission statement will manifest itself

through the following school aims:

Our Values


We will always treat each other with respect.


We will always be patient, caring and understanding.


We will show others that we are trustworthy.


We will always work collaboratively with others and listen to each other.


We will always tell the truth.

Belief & Perserverance

We will always believe in ourselves and others and try our best!

To view a section of our Policy and Procedure Documents in PDF format please select from the files below.


Signed copies of all policies are available in school:



Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2019-20.pdf - click to view

Behaviour Policy 2019-20.pdf - click to view

Healthy Schools Policy 2017-2020.pdf - click to view

Admissions Policy 2020-21 - Summer Park MAT.pdf - click to view

Complaints Procedure 2018-2021 - Summer Park MAT.pdf - click to view

Complaint Form - Summer Park MAT.pdf - click to view

Medical Needs Policy 2019.pdf - click to view

Anti-Bullying Policy 2019-21 - Summer Park MAT (2).pdf - click to view

Online Safety & Acceptable Use Policy 2019-20 - Summer Park MAT.pdf - click to view

PE Policy.pdf - click to view

Administrating Medication Policy 2019-20 - Summer Park MAT.pdf - click to view

Admissions Policy 2019-20 - Summer Park MAT.pdf - click to view

What is the Pupil Premium?


The Government allocates funding to schools to support raising attainment for specific groups of children. These groups include children eligible for Free School Meals now or at any point in the previous 6 years, children who have a parent in the armed forces or at any point in the last 4 years and children who are in care.



The Government allocates this funding to schools to enable them to tackle any aspects of disadvantage or inequality between these pupils and their peers.



Schools are held accountable for how they have used the Pupil Premium and from September 2012 are required to publish this information online to ensure that parents and others are made fully aware.



The plans below show how we are spending the funding to ensure that all our pupils make progress and gaps in attainment are closed.




Click on the links below to view the pupil reports:


EEF Review of Current PPG Spend (2019-20) - Nov'19.pdf - click to view

2018-19 JPA Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure - Impact.pdf - click to view

2019-20 JPA Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure (3).pdf - click to view

What is Sport Premium?



The government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding, provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, is allocated to each primary school across the country and is ring-fenced for the provision of PE and sport in schools.


Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer. This means that you should use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to:


*  develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers

*  build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years




What can the funding be spent on?



Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this. Possible uses for the funding might include:


*  hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work with primary teachers when teaching PE

*  supporting and engaging the least active children through new or additional Change4Life clubs

*  paying for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport

*  providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE and sport

*  running sport competitions, or increasing pupils’ participation in the School Games

*  buying quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and sport

*  providing places for pupils on after school sports clubs and holiday clubs

*  pooling the additional funding with that of other local schools.







From September 2013, schools will be held to account over how they spend their additional, ring-fenced funding. Ofsted will strengthen the coverage of PE and sport within the 'Inspectors’ handbook' and supporting guidance so that both schools and inspectors know how sport and PE will be assessed in future as part of the school’s overall provision.


Schools are required to include details of their provision of PE and sport on their website.




Click on the links below to view the pupil and sports premium reports.



JPA Sports Premium Report 2019-20 - Current.pdf - click to view

JPA Sports Premium Report 2018-19 - Impact (1).pdf - click to view

The Department for Education publishes a wide range of data about our school.  Information on our intake and children's test data (attainment and progress) are included in the below documents and on the Government's online School's Performance tables.



2018-2019 End of Key Stage Results.pdf - click to view

End of KS2 progress measures trend.pdf - click to view

Year 2 Phonics - School Results.pdf - click to view

Early Years Foundation - National Report.pdf - click to view

Year 1 Phonics - School Results.pdf - click to view

Early Years Foundation Stage - School Report .pdf - click to view

Please note this is updated regularly so may not be the latest version:

Jubilee Park SIP 2019-20.pdf - click to view

The school underwent a successful Ofsted Inspection in June 2015 in which it was judged as providing a good education for the pupils.


You can view our latest Ofsted report here.



Quotes from the Inspectors:



“A combination of good teaching, leadership and pupils’ positive attitudes ensures that the school is improving and enables pupils to achieve well, whatever their background or ability”.



“There is a very strong emphasis on promoting pupils’ personal development, including their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and pupils learn about important values, including tolerance, respect and understanding. As a result of the careful planning and good teaching, pupils achieve well and are well-prepared for life in modern Britain”.



"Pupils of all ages, including children in the early years, behave well in lessons and around the school. They are polite and courteous; they readily hold open doors or wait while others pass.  Pupils’ good behaviour makes a strong contribution to their good learning and enjoyment of school".



"Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and to wider school life. They are attentive in lessons, respond quickly to teachers’ instructions and contribute willingly to discussions. Relationships are positive and, as a result, pupils readily share ideas, take turns and celebrate each other’s success".

Excellent governance is reflected in the aims, vision and planning of the academy to ensure that all learners achieve their full potential. Governance arrangements embody a desire for continuous improvement.



Jubilee Park Academy is part of the Summer Park Multi Academy Trust.  The Trust is run by Members and Trustees. The Members act like shareholders and are responsible for the Trust’s formation. They are informed of on-going activities by receiving reports from the directors and by attending the Annual General Meeting.



The Trust Board is responsible for delivering the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the Trust. They are capable of holding the Academy to account and knowing how to bring about improvement. They ensure there is a strong commitment to leadership that establishes high expectations of pupil attainment; and leadership that understands that school improvement and development is fundamentally about establishing high-quality teaching and learning for the school community. Through monitoring and evaluation, the focus will be on continuous and on-going improvement.



There is a Local Governing Body (LGB) for each school within Summer Park Multi Academy Trust.  Governors of the LGB provide effective and relevant challenge and support to their individual schools. This is underpinned by a proactive approach to their own continuous development, training and knowledge.



The level of authority delegated to the Local Governing Body is captured within the Scheme of Delegation, which is documented here on the Summer Park Multi Academy Trust website.  The site also outlines here the structure of the governance team, which includes Local Governors, Trustees and Members. 





If you would like to become a school Governor, please email:  executive.head@summerpark.co.uk



Summer Park Multi Academy Trust - Governor Matrix Dec'19.pdf - click to view

Teaching Staff 


Miss. K. Rochester

Executive Head of Summer Park MAT

Mrs. H. Kumar

Head of School/ Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss. R. Pritchard

Assistant Head /EYFS Lead


Miss. K. Keeling

Reception Leader

Miss. K. Lloyd

Year 1 teacher

Miss. N. Payton

Year 2 teacher

Miss. H. Warner

Year 3 teacher

Mrs. G. Ghai

Year 4 teacher

Mrs. T. Pitts

Year 5 teacher

Miss. L. Westwood

Year 6 teacher

Mr. J. Shepherd

Visiting Music teacher



Support Staff


Mrs. K Shuker

Nursery Leader

Miss. L. Bray


Miss. H Weaver


Mrs. C. Mace

Year 1

Mrs. H. Morris (HLTA)

Year 2 

Mr. R. Brookes

Year 3/ Learning Mentor

Mrs. E. Lawley

Year 3/4

Miss. A. Szalbierz

Year 4/5

Miss. l. Aldred

Year 6

Mrs. C. Green

Family Support Worker/ Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs. D. Murphy

SENDCo Assistant

Mrs. C. Burgess

Attendance Officer for Summer Park MAT



Admin Staff and Site Staff


Mrs. M Bhogal

Finance Manager

Mrs. A. Leatherland

Operations Business Manager

Miss. B. Keiten

Administrative Officer

Mrs. J. Oulton

Administrative Officer

Mr. A. Cox

Facilities Manager / Health and Safety Officer

Mr. S. Slater

Site Manager

Mrs. M. Lester

Cleaner and Relief Caretaker

Mrs. D. Till