Teaching Staff

Miss. K. Rochester

Executive Head  of Summer Park MAT


Mrs. H. Kumar


Head of School 


Miss. R. Pritchard


Assistant Head 


Miss. K. Keeling


Reception teacher


Mrs. K. Dawson


Year 1 teacher


Miss. L. Westwood


Year 2 teacher


Mrs. H. Morris


Year 3 teacher 


Mrs. G. Ghai


Year 4 teacher


Miss. P. Sandhu


Year 5 teacher (GPS Leader)


Miss. R. Pritchard


Year 6 teacher


Mr. J. Shepherd


Visiting Music teachers

Support staff

Mrs. K. Shuker

Nursery Leader

Miss. L. Aldred

Nursery & Reception

Miss. H. Weaver


Mrs. J. Elcock

Year 1

Mrs. C. Hale

Year 2

Mrs. E. Lawley

Year 3 & 5

Mrs. V. Forrest

Year 3

Mrs. J. Maxfield

Year 4

Mrs. C. Mace

 Year 6

Mrs. T. Pitts  (HLTA) 

Year 6 



Miss. L. Goode

Learning Mentor

Mrs. L. Pepper

Designated Safeguarding Lead/ Family Support Worker






Admin staff and Site staff


Mrs. D. Feldman


Business Manager


Miss. B. Keiten


Administrative Officer


Mrs. J. Oulton

Administrative Officer


Mrs. A. Haycock


Administrative Officer
Attendance Officer
Senior Meals Supervisor


Mr. A. Cox


Facilities Manager/ Health and Safety Officer






Mrs. M. Lester


Cleaner and Relief Caretaker


Mrs. S. Price