Summary of Members. 


 Governor Name  Type of Governor  Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC) 2015/16 Commitee Chair 2016/17 

Pay Commitee Member


Finance and Staffing Commitee Member


Curriculum Committee Member - 16/17  Health & Safety Committee Member - 16/17 Connections to Staff (Yes or No) If Yes, who & how 16/17   Date of Appointment Term of Office End Date OtherSchool Governor Posts held. Name of School & type of Governor 16/17 Business Interests declared.(Yes/No) If yes please state - 16/17  Appointed by Reasons for Leaving GB Attendance at meetings 15/16
Derek Rowley LA  CH   √  √  No 1/09/2013  31/08/2017 No No FGB/LA  7 out of 11
Kerry Rochester Executive Head   √  No Ex -offocial SummerHill Primary Headteacher
Yes Director of Instill Excellence Education Consultant
 FGB  9 out of 10
Karen Keeling STA No 1/09/2013 31/08/2017 No No  Staff  8 out of 12
Harv Kumar STA   √  √  No  15/04/2015 14/04/2019   Burnt Tree Primary - Governor No FGB   14 out of 14
Rev Steve Peach   COM VC 

 Staffing & Finance/Premises

H & S

 √  √  No 01/09/2013   31/08/2017 No   Yes - Trustee/Director of JCT 10 Counselling & Senior Pastor and Tipton Christian Church  11 out of 14
Linzi Pepper STA No 30/09/2015 29/09/2019 Yes - Director/s Hare Holder (Child's Journey) Consultancy. Safeguarding Lead ( DKRFC Rugby Club)    Staff 8 out of 8
 Julie Price COM   24/11/2016  23/11/2020  FGB  N/A
 Ashley burd  COM  No  24/11/2016  23/11/2020  No Yes - Employee of Evolve Pupils Inerventions   FGB  N/A
Left but served in last 12 months 
    Resigned 28/03/2015 10 out of 14
Allison Tripney COM No 01/09/2013 7/10/2017 Yes-Governor at Sandwell Academy, Moat Farm Junior  Yes-Senior member of staff at The Albion Foundation CharityProviding Sport & Education



0 out of 3
 Stuart Selwood  PAR  Finace & Staffing
Peter Allen COP No 01/09/2013 07/10/2017 No Yes-Managing Director & Sandwell Land & Property Ltd. (LandHolding Company for all Sandwell Schools)   Resigned 14/06/2016 6 out of 8
Steve Williams  PAR   No  02/02/2014  06/02/2018  No



 0 out of 1

LA - Local Authority

PAR  - Parent Governor

STA - Staff Governor

FOU - Foundation Governor appointed by the Diocese or Foundation Trust

COP - Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Board

Governors are appointed/elected up to a maximum of four years. The initial term of the first Chair will be three years, with annual election by the GB thereafter. Academy staff may not be Chair or Vice Chair of the GB. Jubilee Park Academy aims to create a balanced group that will have the right skills, connections and dynamic for the GB to work well and support the school in achieving exceptional performance.

Meetings of the Full Governing Body are held at least once per term. Committees may be formed as and when required to address school issues.

The Articles of Association below prescribe the internal management, decision making and running of the academy trust and its liability. The Memorandum and Articles of Association are also annexed to the funding agreement for our academy.

The Funding Agreement is the contract between the Secretary of State for Education and the academy and sets out the terms on which the academy is funded. Please see the document below to view the master funding agreement for our academy. The Funding Agreement specifies how the academy is run, its duties and the powers the Secretary of State has over the academy. The Funding Agreement is the method by which academies are held accountable to the Department for Education (DfE). In places the Funding Agreement makes specific references to existing legislation to ensure that academies operate in a similar fashion to other state-funded schools and that there is parity between academies and other state schools. Funding Agreements are not static and may be updated as the law and policy relating to academies changes.

Download this file (Governor Attendance 201516.pdf)Governor Attendance 201516.pdf